The YADO TERASU is a royal suite, with reservations limited to one group per day.
The design of this sophisticated space is rooted in Japanese aesthetics and sacred natural scenery.
With a total indoor and outdoor area of ~370 square meters, it can accommodate up to 8 guests.
Please enjoy the open-air bath, the distinctive sauna, and the infinity pool that integrates with Ago Bay.
We promise that feasting your eyes on lush Japanese scenery while seated in repose atop the terrace
will be a special memory that will forever remain in your heart.

Ago Bay and Private Terrace

As the name suggests, this is an impressive terrace framed against the background of the magnificent sea.
During the daytime, you can gaze out over the calm sea,
and at night you can have a blessed time enveloped in the starry sky.
The terrace is equipped with a pool, jacuzzi, and living room with fire pit.
Please enjoy this elegant experience, free from the hustle and bustle of the city.



Borrowed from Zen Buddhism, rodōdō means, “The truth is revealed boldly before your eyes.”
Seeing the calmly swaying waves, feeling the change of seasons,
as you accommodate yourself to these natural processes use this opportunity to look deeply within yourself.
We provide experiential knowledge that can be obtained only in this place,
so that you will feel as if becoming one with nature and its fragrance.

Bath + Sea, Bath +Stars

The YADO TERASU is equipped with three baths.
Two are indoor baths with wide windows looking out onto Ago Bay.
The other is an outdoor bath made of cypress wood, where guests can enjoy the fresh air.
The soothing water and chirping birds will heal your everyday fatigue.

Tea Room Sauna, “Shofuan”

Shofuan is a unique space outfitted in the style of the Japanese tearoom, with its deep roots in Zen.
Use a tea ladle to pour perfumed water onto the sauna stones and enjoy the soothing aroma.

This exclusive sauna is the only place where one can look out over a panoramic view of Ago Bay, while relaxing on tatami mats.
We invite you to enjoy a moment alone with yourself, while both body and mind are purified.

Inspired Furnishings Resonate
with the Spirit of Masaki Island

The art and interior design of MOKU ISESHIMA is crafted
from natural materials collected and produced on Masaki Island,
including stones, driftwood, fishing tackle, cultured pearls,
and other objects deeply familiar to the local people.
Each item, therefore, has a story,
allowing you to come in touch with the history of the island.

Floor area: ~188㎡ + Terrace ~183㎡
Facilities: Pool + Jacuzzi + Sauna + Cypress open-air
bath + Indoor bath + Bed + Daybed + Sofa bed + Minibar

Check-in: 3:00pm
Check out: 11:00am
Dinner: Served at SUSHI YUTAKA ZEN
Breakfast: Served at YADO TERASU