One by one, we carefully select the freshest ingredients from the day’s catch,
received from the abundance of Ago Bay.
In addition to sushi, we provide regional cuisine inspired by the local fishermen’s fare.
By providing these exclusive culinary experiences, available only on this island,
we can share something of the unique local gastronomy.
Your body and soul purified as you gaze out over the rolling sea – an experience
of true Zen awaits you here.

Blessings nurtured by Ago Bay

Because deep inlets form the coastline of Ago Bay, it is characterized by calm waters.
This important marine area is called ‘sato-umi,’ reflecting the fact
that people have been cohabitating with the sea here for many centuries.
In that sense, Ago Bay is like a natural wildlife preserve, handed down from one generation to the next and protected
by the power of nature in collaboration with human beings.
Carefully preparing them one by one, Sushi Yutaka Zen uses seasonal ingredients caught here in Ago Bay.


Rei(cold)-dan(warm)-ji(by onself)-chi(know)

Simple, yet profound.
Never compromised, ingredients carefully selected, handled delicately
by a master:this sushi, created only here, will enrich your culinary sensibility.
Rei-dan-ji-chi – You can’t really know anything, unless you experience it for yourself.

Breakfast made by Oyakata

A sushi chef is someone who can bring out the best in seafood.
A sushi master, or Oyakata, ascertains the characteristics of each ingredient
to prepare a special menu suitable for breakfast.
Some people say that the breakfast, which is available only for overnight guests, is the highest luxury.
Specially crafted from the blessings of the sea,
our exceptional breakfast is expressed in a form that differs from sushi.

Chef’s Table

A completely private space that accommodates up to 10 people
Those who select the Premium Course are welcome to invite their own favorite chef.
It can also be reserved by large families, groups of friends, etc.,
for dinner or lunch parties.

Inspired Furnishings Resonate
with the Spirit of Masaki Island

The art and interior design of MOKU ISESHIMA is crafted
from natural materials collected and produced on Masaki Island,
including stones, driftwood, fishing tackle, cultured pearls,
and other objects deeply familiar to the local people.
Each item, therefore, has a story,
allowing you to come in touch with the history of the island.