At MOKU ISESHIMA, located on Masaki Island in Ago Bay, locally known as the “Jewel Island,” you
can enjoy the calm sea, clear sky, colorful trees, and so on, while feeling as though you have
become one with Nature—though in different ways in different seasons.
Living on this remote island and coexisting with the sea, Yuichi Hori, master of SUSHI YUTAKA ZEN
and MOKU ISESHIMA, has prepared remarkable and exclusive culinary experiences for our guests.


The sun rises and the sea surface turns red:
such a momentary sparkle can be seen from a sunrise cruising ship.
Enveloped in the sunshine, your body and mind will be purified.


How about a therapeutic walk in the forest, while the sun rises?
The clean morning air heals your mind and retunes your body.
Our staff can guide you on our recommended courses.


How about fishing at the pier during the day?
In Ago Bay, for instance, you can catch horse mackerel in summer, rockfish in winter.
If you are interested in boat fishing on the sea, please feel free to ask us.


After dinner, please enjoy an intimate time, talking under the starry sky.
You can savor alcoholic beverages at the floating bar on the sea.
Of course, a variety of soft drinks are also available.

Tailormade Tour Designing / Tour Guide Interpreter Service

MOKU ISESHIMA has a special network of tour designers,
interpreter/guides, and tour agents,
so that we can flexibly meet our guests’ requirements.
We provide tours and experiences exclusively coordinated for you.
Please feel free to inquire regarding your plans.