Masaki island – An unexplored island nicknamed ‘A jewel island’

This precious island is one of Japan’s hidden treasures.

A cozy retreat where one can enjoy fine sushi, deep within Nature.

A national park made of sea and sky, wrapped in greenery-

miracles happen here, in this place, where people can harmonize with Nature.

Limited to one party per day, this is the only auberge in Japan
where sushi can be enjoyed while staying overnight in a national park.

We are happy to offer you an experience that absolutely cannot be had in the city.


Rei(cold)-dan(warm)-ji(by onself)-chi(know)

Borrowed from Zen Buddhism, reidanjichi means that one can only discover the truth for oneself: literally,

“you must touch the water to find out whether it is hot or cold.”

In other words, spiritual enlightenment comes only through personal experience.

Here – the still surface of the water, the size of the sky,

the variegated greenery – Moku Iseshima is filled with marvels waiting to be experienced.


Using only the freshest ingredients, carefully selected from the abundance of Ago Bay, SUSHI YUTAKA ZEN elevates the seductive flavors of Nature’s bounty to unparalleled heights.

Looking out over the unfolding vastness of the endlessly changing sea, purifying body and soul – an experience of true Zen awaits you here.


The YADO TERASU is a royal suite, limited to one group per day.

Please enjoy its open-air bath, luxurious sauna, and infinity pool, which integrates with Ago Bay.


A master of SUSHI YUTAKA ZEN, Yuichi Hori lives alongside the sea on this remote island. Drawing from his honest, dedicated livelihood, he carefully prepares distinctive, exclusive culinary experiences for our guests.


Sushi Master – Yuichi Hori

After completing his training with a famous sushi establishment, Yuichi Hori opened his own sushi restaurant, Sushi Yutaka, in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa, in 2010.

It soon became so famous that gourmands came calling from across Japan, excited to experience Master Hori’s sushi.

Later, serendipity introduced him to Masaki Island, where he became enchanted by the abundant nature of Ago Bay.

Leaving Sushi Yutaka to his eldest son, in 2019 he moved to Masaki Island and opened SUSHI YUTAKA ZEN, an exclusive culinary establishment limited to one party per day.

Here guests can share in his profound sensitivity to the blessings of nature, these blessings beyond human comprehension, and experience for themselves how this deep awareness naturally wells up within his heart to express itself in the form of unparalleled sushi.

Yet Master Hori continues to strive for excellence. To more thoroughly experience for himself what it means to receive the blessings of the sea, in 2020 he became a member of the Masaki Island Fisheries Association.



4442 Wagu, Shimacho, Shima City,

Mie Prefecture 517-0703 Japan

Moku Iseshima can be accessed directly by helicopter from Tokyo and the Kansai (western) area. From Tokyo, Moku Iseshima can be reached in just 90 minutes via helicopter, which seats 8 passengers.

Using this route will allow you to make the most of your precious time.

Please enjoy this private flight overlooking the majestic Ago Bay.

For helicopter reservations, click here.